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About me:


          I joined the department of Animal and Avian Sciences at the University of Maryland in August of 2010 as a full-time lecturer.  The following fall, I started in the role as the director of its undergraduate program.  Since joining the department I have taught many courses and and taught and advised many students.  It is a joy for me to work with the next generation of animal scientists, veterinarians, and animal lovers.

          My career as an educator started in the twelfth grade, when I started tutoring other high school students in a variety of subjects as a means of earning some extra money to pay for my first computer(a Macintosh 145B!).  Since then, I have worked as a tutor in many subjects, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, language arts, French, biology, and chemistry.    I was an undergraduate teaching assistant for French 100- and 200- level drill sessions and for introductory biology I and II.  After four years of veterinary school and four years of full-time practice in a 15-doctor small animal hospital, I returned to teaching by accepting a part-time, adjunct position at the Community College of Baltimore County, Essex campus.  After teaching there for the Spring and Summer semesters of 2010, I accepted my current job.  A 2018 interview for the website, TheDVMProject, has more about me and my professional path.

          This portfolio encompasses my teaching experiences since starting work at the University of Maryland.  It includes my CV, a teaching philosophy statement, examples of student and peer evaluations of my teaching, letters from past students and teaching assistants, and samples of my course syllabi, assessments, and teaching materials.  I am willing to provide examples of student work on request, but for privacy and copyright reasons, I do not share them on this site.

         Through my portfolio I would like to demonstrate to you that I am an effective instructor, I am committed to my students, and I am invested in the success of my department, college, and the University of Maryland.


Thank-you for reading.

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